Two men eating for three


Better halves – what we could have been if we were a little more … symmetrical ‘Pre-diet’ Gervais, Lee Mack, Bogart and Wii Me James

Hello. We are James and Stu.
We are not a traditional advertising team. We are not a digital team, an above, through or below the line team. We are not a social team. We don’t ‘do virals’.

We solve problems for brands and services and take ideas across platforms.

We replaced an ad break with a 3 minute comedy show to help people stop smoking, we kept petrolheads interested in an electric car that didn’t exist, built the world’s largest party popper, and convinced a nervous client to deface their own posters… Have a look

We are also supporting the next generation of British comedy film talent with LOCO, The London Comedy Film Festival

The rules. We always tell the truth, work hard and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We work with the best people in the world (we’ve written for Kermit the frog).

If you want to be part of our amazing adventures get in touch:

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