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Yes it’s dancing broccoli

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March 12th, 2015 by stu
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New year, new job


Hello feeders. We’ve started 2015 in Clerkenwell at a digital agency called TH_NK. They’re a bunch of insanely talented and inspiring people. We’re already learning lots.
These guys do things properly. Working with some great brands, not just on the edges, but right at the heart to change things for the better. Watch out for some great new work soon. Look how happy we are…

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 22.29.08

January 14th, 2015 by stu
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Goonerphone is here

The first fruits of our HUAWEI pitch win at Dare from last year. Every Arsenal fans dream, a mobile that’s hardwired to the club, preloaded with club apps, pictures, videos and even an official clock end clock.
We call it The Goonerphone… They call it the ‘Ascend P7 Arsenal Edition.’ Our name is better.




January 2nd, 2015 by stu
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Class selfies at the launch of LOCO 2015

Our annual LOCO London Comedy Film Festival quiz night had a classy flavour to it this year, launching the festival to the movie press, we introduced the class selfie. The class divide was obvious in some cases! Lot’s of looking up at her, down at him and knowing your place for the LOCO cause.


Find out what’s happening at next year’s festival, including the UK premiere of award-winning British director Ben Hopkins‘ new film Lost in Karastan, at

Art news just in – we won the ‘draw a kama sutra position’ round! copies available on request.

November 26th, 2014 by stu
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Why does this guy seem so familiar? Dr Bob. He’s like every crap doctor you’ve ever had.

Our Stoptober campaign in now on air. You can see the rest of it here.
Want to take the 28 Day Challenge to stop smoking? Sign up now.

September 18th, 2014 by stu
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How do you make great work? Surround yourself with the best in the business

Future Woods thumbnail
Working with these guys, Al Murray and Simon Brodkin, was brilliant.

September 10th, 2014 by stu
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Slavery is happening. This is 2014 not 1841.

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. With a shocking 1.2m children are trafficked every year, we all need to support Hope For Justice and help stop this happening.

A sobering message after Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave wins the oscar for best film.

Slavery is still happening.



March 3rd, 2014 by stu
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The Shining twins at our Dr Strangelove screening!

shining twins



February 10th, 2014 by stu
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Look left, right, up, down and inside… it’s LOCO 2014


Reyna and Fred Gallery 4K



Matterhorn 3

DP les Coquillettes



now look here >>

January 10th, 2014 by stu
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Opening shot

October 19th, 2013 by stu
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